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Yo Gabba's great!

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2010-06-11 -


Being on maternity leave, I’ve been watching a lot of children’s television lately. While a significant amount of it is drivel (Channel 7 should be ashamed of Fairies), I cannot speak highly enough about some of the productions.

Yo Gabba Gabba! (YGG) is, without a doubt, my favourite piece of children’s television of all time (although that The Curiosity Show would rate a close second).

That’s not surprising, given the motivation of its creators; two dads in the USA who were tired of the poor quality of children’s programming there. YGG emphasises both educational and entertaining content – something the whole family can enjoy.

One of the creators is the lead singer of indie band The Aquabats, and it shows. YGG has a heavy musical influence. He obviously milks his contact list for guest appearances. The show is packed with killer beats and an eclectic ensemble of guest bands, singers, actors and sports stars. Biz Markie and Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh are both regular faces.

What I like best about the show are the songs themselves. They deal with real issues facing kids and they teach the life skills they will employ every day – don’t bite your friends; wash you hands; baby teeth fall out; be careful; keep your hands to yourself; too much candy goes crazy in your tummy; taking turns is fun; you can’t always get what you want; be patient...

We’re a family who plays a never-ending Name That Tune competition so it’s no wonder we love YGG. Its catchy songs are sung often around our house to help emphases a good behaviour. We've found it to be a great tool for the Child Training Tackle Box.





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