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Toddler-proofing tip

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2010-08-29 -


You know how it is. As your toddler grows taller, the things you want preserved are shifted higher and higher. But there’s only so much stuff you can squeeze onto the 2 top bookcase shelves; something has to go down in the red zone.

Tycho was, until recently, driving Mitch and I spare pulling out Mitch’s vinyl collection and rubbing the records into our wooden floors. Then Mitch hit upon a winning idea. It was innovation genius!

We’d established during the DIY Scary Robot Test (when Tycho was one) that our son had no love for our RoboSapien, Thundercleese. He freaks out whenever we attempt to take it off its ledge in the kitchen.

Mitch’s solution - put him on guard duty in front of the vinyl collection.

Tycho hasn’t been near the bookcase since.

If you have a scary toy gathering dust in a cupboard and a persistent toddler, now’s the time to take your toy out of retirement. It’s a surprisingly effective toddler-proofing technique.





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