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The Naughty Box

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2010-09-20 -

A colleague of mine told me a fantastic idea for teaching your youngsters to clean up after themselves. It works best for kids aged 3 and above. Here’s how it goes.

You need:
1 Tidy Box ( toy box on wheels, with a lid)
1 Naughty Box (box big enough to store toys but small enough to store in a high cupboard somewhere)

The Tidy Box lives in the main play area (lounge room, rumpus room etc). The Naughty Box lives in a high place outside your child’s reach.

When it’s time for your child to pack up, encourage them to put their toys in the Tidy Box. If the child refuses to pack up within an allotted time, put that toy in the Naughty Box.

Use the Naughty Box as a reward. When your child does something you think deserves a reward, let them take one of their toys out of the Naughty Box.

This system provides a great incentive to pack up mess because it’s usually the favourite toys that get played with and so are at the highest risk of being taken to the Naughty Box if they’re not packed away.

Tycho’s still a bit young to grasp this concept but we’ll be instigating it at the end of the year, when he’s 3. I’ll report back on its effectiveness then.





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