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It's a thankless job

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2010-08-02 -


I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately, overwhelmed with the job of looking after a toddler and an infant.

Suddenly I understand what my mother was getting at when she said she lost her identity when my sister and I were small. Amid the endless cycles of washing, feeding, changing nappies and entertaining, you really do start to lose a sense of who you are and why you matter. I can appreciate how slippery that slope to postnatal depression really is.

That’s why I was very grateful when my friend Linda passed on an excerpt from a recent breakfast radio show here in Brisbane. The frustrations expressed by the female caller are all too familiar. And the advice from the psychologist is quite empowering .

You can read a transcript and access audio here. I hope it’s of some benefit to other stressed mums out there. Feel free to share with us your own experiences, thoughts or advice.





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