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Dads' stories

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2010-11-03 -


A good friend of mine, Linda, contributes articles to the Friends of the Birth Centre newsletter here in Brisbane. I wanted to share with you an excerpt of the latest addition - OK, yes, partly because there’s an image of Mitch and Tycho in it (we had some input into an article).

But I mostly wanted to share a touching first-person account about what it means to be a dad. It’s not often that, as a mum, you read such an honest and open insight into the other half of the parenting partnership. I also love the way Tom speaks about his partner. I would love to be spoken of with such admiration. I’m sure most mums would.

If any dads are reading this, go and thank your partners for the fantastic job they do raising your children. They deserve it.

You’ll find Tom’s piece and our family’s piece on pages 16-17 of Special Delivery (pages 7-8 of the pdf).





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