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Tycho's Santa scare

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2009-12-23 -

Tycho Santa scare


Well, Tycho’s 2009 Santa photo wasn’t an epic fail, but neither was it a success.

I haven’t picked up the official photo yet but here's what my cousin Susan snapped from behind the photographer.

The experiment looked promising at the outset. Tycho napped in the car on the way to the shopping centre. He was well fed on arrival. There was a negligible line up. His big cousin Ollie was there for moral support.

But someTycho Santa scarehow, during the 3 minute wait for the family before us to finish, Tycho’s opinion of Santa steadily soured. By the time we reached the Man in Red he was a Category 4 neck-clinger.

In the end, it took a group shot with Ollie and my sister Dani to calm Tycho enough to consent to a photo. There was no way he was going sit on anyone’s knee but mine, though.

My conclusion: you can’t acclimatise your child to Santa by repeatedly showing him last year’s photo in the week before and walking by the real deal twice in the half hour before you attempt a sitting.
Ruby's second Christmas
At least Dani and I aren't the only mums featuring in Santa photos this year. Mel ended up in her daughter Ruby’s 2009 edition.

If you’re not too shy, feel free to email in your Santa photos and I’ll post them on the Baby Blog.

Merry Christmas for Friday!




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