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Tell us your baby-raising essentials

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2009-09-28 -


While we cherish our little ones dearly, parenthood isn’t always the ecstatic experience some claim it to be, is it? There are a lot of hard yards to run - a lot of very trying moments.

Every parent collects an arsenal of things they simply couldn’t live without. They get us through the daily grind of childrearing. The team at AAB would love to hear about what your top three baby-raising essentials are. To get the ball rolling, here are our picks.

Teagan’s top three:

  1. Sudocrem - No explanation needed for Australian parents, who no doubt know this product intimately. I’m not sure of its availability in other countries so for our international readers – Sudocrem’s a zinc-based cream that cures the worst of nappy rash in a flash, and most other skin issues as well.
  2. Grobags -  What’s not to be thankful for? The Grobag silences the paranoid parent in you (forever checking that bub hasn’t slithered out from under their blanket). And, because your little one is comfortably enclosed in a temperature-rated cocoon, they tend to sleep for longer. Ella’s been in growbags since we stopped swaddling her. Unfortunately, we don’t stock grobags yet at AAB but I hope to add them to our growing list soon.
  3. Face washers – and loads of them! Before I had Ella I literally didn't believe my friend when she was told how many she went through in a day. I'm much wiser now. You can never have too many!

Kate’s can’t-live-withouts:

  1. A mechanical cradle swing - Tycho was almost impossible to settle for the first six months. I reckon he slept in his Fisher Price battery-powered cradle swing for about four months straight. Sure, it moulded the back of his head into an inverted triangle (temporarily, thankfully) but at least he slept. 
  2. Napisan - Nothing gets the poo and food stains out of clothing like good old Napisan. It’s perfect for grotty babies like mine. There’s a bucket full of Napisan solution stationed permanently in our bathroom.
  3. Mothers’ Group - I’m lucky enough to be part of two wonderful groups of mums with bubs about the same age as Tycho. Without these special friends I’d never have survived those early months. Even now that our kids are around 16 months old we often lean on each other for support and advice.






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