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IQ linked to nutrition

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2011-03-03 -

I must apologise for not posting lately. I went back to work (full time) about 6 weeks ago and I’ve found the adjustment quite difficult. Actually being at work is actually less stressful for me than staying at home and wrangling small children. However, the combined housework and officework workload is killing me. I’m sinking under piles of washing and dirty dishes. There’s still mould on some of our walls from the big rain period before the Queensland floods but I can’t even get to that job; there’s just so many immediate chores to fit in.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please share them – I’m desperate for anything that will reduce the amount of time I’m on my feet at home.

The upside to being back at work is that I’ve got my finger on the pulse concerning child-related research.

Here’s some that validates what teachers have suspected for decades - toddlers fed a diet of junk food can suffer lasting damage to their brainpower.

Great, now I’ll feel guilty about the midweek take-away family dinner Mitch and I have initiated to ease the pressure on household chores!




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